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A Little Tree Hollow

Mar 11 · 10min

Find peace to relax :)

This is your favorite time of the day. You’re finally back home after a busy day of work. Having taken a refreshing shower, you’ve changed into your favorite silk pajamas, and you’re relaxing on your soft little bed filled with plush pillows. You hear the busy sounds of the city, of cars honking and people talking, but all of that seems so far away from you now that you’ve returned to the sanctuary of your peaceful home. A cool breeze of wind flows in from the window, bringing in the delightful scents of fresh grass, lush trees, and freshly-budding flowers. You take a slow sip of your calming lemon-honey tea, letting the mild sweetness seep into your taste buds, hydrating your poor tired throat. You see your fluffy Shiba friend sleeping away on the wooden floorboards and decide not to pet him, since you’d rather he keep enjoying whatever sweet dreams he’s having. You look out the windows, and you see the sky in a marvelous swirl of purples, pinks, and yellows. It looks like something out of a watercolor painting. A relaxed smile appears on your face as you take everything in, enjoying every ounce of peace and love that radiates from your room, and your heart.

– This is a safe place to spread love and kindness!

Come around when you need some warmth.

Thanks to Maddy’s lovely suggestion, I created a new 'kindness' topic, based on our old Kindness Chain game!

I hope our Owlets can come here when they want to share something sad and receive some love, or when they just want to spread some positivity. :)

If you’re currently feeling worried about the future, or just anxious in general, here’s a cute gif that I hope gets to give you some reassurance. Everything will be okay. <3

comfort Bunny

References and Credits
  • A group of people who show interest in literature and fictions book & illustration
  • Image I get it from YASAMANHxo <3 :)
  • Riley Rue
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