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Famous Equations

Mar 10 · 20min

Some famous equations that ppls won't even bother to attentions to these.

Hello Equations!

Equations are important and part of math always. just imagine what can we do if we solve unsolvable equations one day …

Of course many ppl are working on them (I mean of course math scientist) and they are eager to make it done day by day.

It’s not a bad idea to read about some of them specially famous ones …

Continue to see and feel the beautiful mathematics and embrace it

Maxwell’s Equations

divergence ofis zero
curl ofis proportional to the rate of change of

Electricity Rampage over Cables Giphy

Some famous math equations

These are math equations and solved.

When, there are two solutions toand they are

The Lorenz Equations

The Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality

A Cross Product Formula

The probability of gettingheads when flippingcoins is:

An Identity of Ramanujan

A Rogers-Ramanujan Identity

Maxwell’s Equations

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