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Mind Flayer Stranger Things

May 13 · 5min

Mind Flayer Based on Cthulhu

Are you READY for seeing terrifying creature in your monitors :))


MindFlayer came from Stranger Things Series on Netflix. Great mysterious science fictional series that you might wanna watch it if you love about knowledge and fictions. Anyway this series is awesome. Mindflayer is one of the monstereous in this series, It was a while ago that first When I saw this creature I was like wow and nothing else, then again after a while I thought why I don’t create mindflayer myself in web. Then I come up with so much struggles and problems, facing them was another pain and solving them was another one After that I came up with idea of using GSAP and WebGL technologies, which means using Three.js and GSAP tools. It was my second time using three.js thought I felt so much pain modeling and making this creature to work.

hallo, how are you.

Why ?

Fan. I like to make things like this, and enjoy feeling these kind of pains. I mean why not ? :)


Cthulhu created by H.P Lovecraft, writer of horror stories and creator of many creatures like this.

The interesting part is many other writer took idea of creating their creatures from Cthulhu. Why ?! Because Cthulhu is of the best in his monsterous form and unique, ofcourse many people like this about his creatures specially this one.

For e.g : C’thun from World of Warcraft, Kraken in Pirates, and many others …

Who is Cthulhu ?!

You don’t know who is this guy ?

So I am here to introduce you to him, Tbh One of his clones tho.

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