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Overlord : Escape from Nazarick

Mar 12 · 5min

DEATH is fair isn't it

I played this game and bought it while ago, It’s awesome. I wanna say just play it for yourself to see it, you can explore the Nazarick tomb too, after all we all want to defeat Ainz somehow if we can ? haha lol

Anyway, It’s a good game and well designed. I watched It’s anime TV Series, I might be create some topic about it later…

There are some goodies you can get from buying it bundle edition, little over price but for someone likes anime its worth.

Overlord game bundle picture

I bought it from Japanese retailer myself but It’s available on Steam too. Check it out for sure later.

I can give you two Twitter links to learn about It’s world, characters, story, lores, and many other things you might wanna know in future.

As 2024 they are working and active page

Alright if any other suggestion and ideas came to your mind please feel free to share it with me in Twitter Persoanl Account

Good luck and have fun !

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