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Smart Vision OS

Mar 11 · 8min

This can be achieve someday


Recently I found a design which tells me how can a Vision OS for home managements can be elegant.


It should have sleek UI, I mean Minimalistic which going to be have embrace clean lines and subtle gradient also approach to use a simple white space to create a sense of elegance and glass effects this one is must. Incorporate translucent glass like overlays and subtle animations for touches


Also It should have Iconography contains craft unique, futuristic icons that align with OS theme.

Navigation and Layout with Fluid navigation, think of this as a Implement intuitive navigation patterns. Consider gesture-based controls or innovative ways to switch between apps and screens.

Dynamic menus again and again :)

Why ?!

Create dynamic menus that adept based on context. Think about how menus expand, collapse, or transform as users interact with them.


Next Part is, well yes Typography. Of corse we should choose a futuristic font, opt for modern, sans-serif fonts with a sleek appearance. Consider variable fonts for flexibility.

Final State Images

Just look at the images below :

Home Vision OS


Home Vision OS

Images Credit

Cool designer : @Offriginal

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